'As a lifelong Morgan Hill resident, I too am concerned about our farmlands and greenbelt. Keep up the good work.'

'I agree with Thrive's position on preservation of farmland in and around Morgan Hill. There is already adequate vacant land within the urbanized area of the town and no need to develop what little farmland remains. I must confess that I am biased because I live in the SE quadrant and love the open fields nearby. 

Are you thinking of organizing a petition? I would gladly sign it.'

'The greenspace and farmland is the MAIN reason I chose to live here when I relocated from southern Ohio. The easily accessible fresh foods are an important part of my daily life and help improve the quality of life of my family and friends. More and more we are finding out the dangers of large scale food production and I feel local food production is a crucial part to the health and well being of our community and our planet!'

'Yes, I would like to see the preservations of our Farmlands and the Greenbelt. I have lived in the South Valley (Coyote Valley) for over 28  Years and have a few acres were I grow fruit trees and vegetables. I really like the tranquility and peace I enjoy here. There has been a number of birds and wildlife that has come thru here that have also enjoyed my small farm. So you can also imagine the support we share with life on a bigger scale. So we all thrive.'

'I have lived in Morgan Hill for 13 years. Please don't let it become another San Jose!!!!  Keep it like it is now. It has grown way too much already.
The open lands around the city is what makes it a nice place to live! We already have a train going through 
Gilroy, San Martin, and Morgan Hill. Just make the schedule more attractive.'

Thanks! We have our concerns about potential urban sprawl in out lovely rural town.'

'Great to find out about Thrive!, hope to work with you all soon.'

'I am for saving our farmland. That's one of the reasons I moved here to Morgan Hill. I agree there is some development for building homes in the area, but not our farms. I grew up in East Contra Costa County (Brentwood, Oakley area). Now look at it with mega homes everywhere and a lot of farms have disappeared.'


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