Morgan Hill is a city bordered by rolling foothills on the east and west, farmland to the south, and San Jose’s Coyote Valley to the north. Our community is a unique combination of residential/commercial, open space and farms woven together and nestled in a stunning natural backdrop. Our small town ambience and mix of rural and urban characteristics are some of the main reasons residents choose to live here. Its many green spaces, recreational facilities and many outdoor opportunities make it a great place to raise a family.

In many ways, we are in a unique and enviable position. Recent efforts to revive some of the natural assets in and around this city are succeeding. Our city and the surrounding areas are increasingly a destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Residents and visitors alike enjoy our beautiful bike paths and extensive hiking trails.  Our downtown is an attractive place filled with good quality restaurants, and our local wineries are well known. Well-designed traffic flow improvements and increased housing starts have enhanced the livability of Morgan Hill.

The choices we make today regarding a broad spectrum of issues facing our city will determine the kind of community we build for the generations of tomorrow. Thrive! Morgan Hill is a local group of residents who are engaged with issues that affect the quality of life in our community. Our goal is to:

·         raise public awareness on a range of local issues

·         encourage public participation in the decision making process

·         support balanced choices to ensure long-term sustainability

·         partner with community interests to find solutions to some of the challenges facing our city. 

We favor options that balance the environment, economy, and community.

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